School Meals

All Infants in Reception to Year 2 are entitled to Free School Meals from September 2014.

School Dinners

Healthy hot dinners are cooked in our kitchen and we highly recommend all children enjoy a school dinner.
Milk is available through Coolmilk. Visit

As part of our 'Healthy School' initiative we encourage children who bring a packed lunch to bring healthy choices. Suggestions are for any of the following: a sandwich, piece of fruit, crisps, yoghurt and/or biscuit/cake. No drinks are permitted in the lunch box as water is available at lunch-time (please avoid any nut contents eg. peanut butter, as we have children with nut allergies.)

Do you qualify for FREE SCHOOL MEALS and MILK? Please let us know as further government funding is available for children eligible for free school meals
Please don't hesitate to contact the School Office for information.

Please click here for the Spring menu for St Mary's following meat free Friday.