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The Managed Learning Environment is a learning platform which has been designed specifically for schools to facilitate teaching and learning in one secure online environment. The MLE is a tool which uses technology to enhance the networks of relationships between staff, children, parents, and governors. It is password protected and access is restricted making the MLE a safe online community. Members will be provided with a password and username by the school which will give them access to the learning environment.

To apply for a GUEST username and password please email:

The fronter building is made up of rooms. St Mary’s Infants has over 10 different rooms, most of which are available to the children, parents, staff and governors. This includes year group rooms, subject area rooms, school garden and a parent room. Every child can access their year group room which will contain a slideshow what they have been up to and a link to their current topic page at home.

As a guest you will be only be granted access to:

Message Board

This is regularly updated and contains information about current news and affairs within our school. It is the big messages box on your MLE homepage.

The Parent Room

The parent room contains helpful information about the school. It can be easily viewed and downloaded. This includes:

  • Admissions
  • Holiday Dates
  • Dates for your Diary
  • Newsletters
  • RE Newsletters
  • Policies
  • School Clubs (prices, dates etc)
  • School Uniform List (prices)
  • School Brochure
  • Nursery Brochure
  • Leave of Absence Form
  • Health Care Plan Form
  • Free School Meals

The English Room

This contains English activities games related to the curriculum which have been chosen by our teachers. Please have a look at the games.

The Maths Room

This contains Maths games selected by our teachers.

The Music Room

The Music Room contains links to songs to sing along to and fun musical games chosen by our music teacher. Every term, the seasonal songs and games change for the children.

R.E Room

The R.E. room contains hymns and prayers which the children use daily at school and the R.E newsletter.

To login to the MLE, follow these steps:

1. Go to (You will then be navigated to the fronter webpage seen below).

Fronter MLE Login screenshot
2. Sign in with the Username and Password provided by the school and press login.

3. You will now be logged into the MLE as a guest.

4. You will then see the ‘My Today’ page. You can always return back to this page by clicking ‘Today’ on the top left hand corner. The ‘My Today’ page has been customised with entrance hall tabs relating to our room. Select your room and navigate to the page of your choice.

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